My name is XYZ. I am an Indian citizen. My goal in life is to pursue a career in an organization that provides innovative and productive projects and carve a niche for myself which allows me to grow along with the progress of the organization.

After completing my schooling, I am currently pursuing my Diploma with Civil Engineering from ABC University due to be completed in May 2022.

My interest in the field of Architecture has increased due to my education in Civil Engineering. So, I wish to turn this interest into my career. To be able to move ahead in the field of architecture, I decided to study from UK.

The reason why I want to take up BA (Hons) Architecture is because it will help me gain all the general knowledge required and at the same time enable me to develop the necessary skills that are essential. On studying this course, I will gain theoretical understanding and analytical skills that will enable me to succeed in this highly competitive, rewarding environment of architectural designing thereby ensuring that I am well informed and updated about the market at large. I did some research about the people I will be learning from, and I realized that all my professors hold a strong academic background which will provide me with a well-rounded experience. I am really very passionate about this course and chasing my passion will ensure me excellence and ultimately, help me attain my goal.

I selected ABC University for my further educationsince it not just has the facilities that would give me the best learning knowledge but also, the program and modules given by the university additionally coordinate every one of my prerequisites for increasing productive instruction. Besides, it is well-known for its high teaching quality, research excellence, the diversity of its students. The university is well facilitated with all the infrastructure and equipment much required for the students. The reputation of the university, along with a comfortable environment, has been maintained in an excellent manner.

The United Kingdom has a relatively large number of world class universities and colleges. With a clean framework of recognized qualifications and a reputation for effective teaching and research, a Britain degree is highly portable around the world. British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation. Wherever in the world I go, if I have a degree from UK University, it will be recognized by employers, universities, and governments. As UK Universities are associated with quality education, earning a degree from one of UK’s highly regarded universities will aid my career progression. Among all the countries UK is recognized as a country that offers world class education. For a good teaching and learning, students are selecting UK as a study destination.

After finishing my education, I plan to come back to my home country India, so that I can get a job at a good post as I would have expected to have acquire architectural expertise which will help me grow professionally in the field of Architecture. With the expertise I gain from a UK degree, my input will be valued among the top architectural firms of my country and after gaining sufficient experience, I will establish my independent practice.