I would like to introduce myself as XYZ. I reside in India. Learning has been my greatest passion and I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by seeking new challenges.

I hold the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (2005), Master of Science in Drug Chemistry (2008), and a Bachelor of Education (2014).

My work experience includes the following: ABC Arts Commerce and Science College as a Lecturer (Sept 2008 till April 2009), ABC Vidyalaya as PGT Chemistry (Ad-hoc basis) (Jan 18, 2011 to March 4, 2011), ABC Vidyalaya DGQA as a PGT Chemistry (Ad-hoc basis) (June28, 2011 to March 2012), ABC as a Sr Lecturer (CHEMISTRY) (May 3rd,2012 to May 31st 2017), ABC Vidyalaya as a PGT Chemistry (Ad-hoc basis) (July 18, 2017 to Feb 28, 2019), ABC Institute as a Professor A1 (1st April 2019 to 30th April 2021), and ABC Vidyalaya as a TGT(SCIENCE) (2nd September 2021 to till date).

I want to gain more achievement in life as growth is necessary. I have learned all the important aspects of the Chemistry industry, and I now wish to be a part of healthcare, by combining my previous knowledge and moving along further in the healthcare industry.

With the onset of various chronic diseases that result out of poor health practices, health and social care habits that promote public health are the need of the hour. The industry of Global Health practices has been flourishing in the global market as more and more people are becoming health conscious and aware about their physical wellbeing which is why they consult Healthcare experts. It does not solely focus on the person’s physical health but also teaches professionals to care for the person’s mental health. I choose to study the course of Global Health Care Management MSc. The course will be beneficial for me for my future career prospects. This course will give a ton of focal points other than helping me to accomplish my scholarly and proficient targets, for example, improve proficient aptitudes and information, chance to work with individuals from different foundations, presentation to new learning conditions, societies, acquire a global viewpoint and comprehend different perspectives, upgrade future occupation prospects

ABC University offers High quality education, excellent facilities and World class research environment. The university provides broad based training with wide knowledge & transferable skills key education system to their International students as their courses are designed based on current industry requirement. In addition to this, I will be able to train myself in the best manner through the Academic and Technical staff members of this university who are masters and PhD in their field of studies. This would be very helpful for me to advance my knowledge and skills for my future career. The university provides academic and non-academic facilities like well facilitated education campus, gymnasium, library, spacious lecture theatre, and separate study rooms.

Nowadays, UK education standards are a year ahead compared to any other country with ample of resources to enrich student’s knowledge more practically. The university here offers flexible courses curriculum enabling the standards to choose their subjects of interest. Moreover, the degree earned in UK, be it masters, is valuable throughout the world as it comes with global exposures. Numerous nations might want to pursue the UK's instruction framework, as its quality is considered as the best in world. UK University is investigated normally by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) to survey the principles of instructing, learning and research to guarantee that set benchmarks are met.

After completing my studies, I plan to return to my Home country and work with the top healthcare and research centres of India. My international degree will assist me in gaining the highest paying jobs as well as international opportunities. The degree acquired from this university will definitely help me to soar new heights of my profession.